January 1, 2020


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Truly effective design bridges the gap between needs and requirements.

In this case, the needs are neighborhood access, convenience and practicality. The requirements are thoughtful, understated design, fair pricing and cohesiveness in experience.

Simple yet striking, MUSTARD HOTEL delivers a pronounced “secret ingredient” to Shibuya and its newly adorned Shibuya Bridge complex, as well as parallel properties in Asakusa — 2.



“We are interested in creating a sense of place that connects people to the neighborhood quite literally, as opposed to just being united by transit,” explains Masato Sekiguchi, Representative Director of THINK GREEN PRODUCE Co, Ltd, which owns and operates MUSTARD. “We want to be a haven for the community, which also means unifying it with visitors in a genuine way.”

This is most apparent not only in the physical location and construction of the hotel itself, but in its centralized amenities with a strong emphasis on quality food and beverage programs found at Megan Bar & Pâtisserie and adjacent eatery, Triangle Curry.

“We want to be a haven for the community, which also means unifying it with visitors in a genuine way.”

The guest floors are deliberately stark and ultra-white with Conbini-inspired illumination, which can be both energizing or arresting depending on the time of day you enter.

Once adjusted and in-room, the trained eye will appreciate the in-house collaborations with Japanese furniture experts M&M Custom Performance and the precisely inscribed specifications adorning the core room furnishings. MUSTARD also recently launched an analog audio program with Bang & Olufsen and Ella Records, allowing for impromptu in-room listening sessions with simple day-use rates also available.



Holistically speaking, MUSTARD is intently guiding you to spend less time in your quarters and more time exploring and integrating yourself into the property and surrounding locale.

“Shibuya is probably the most popular place to visit in Tokyo”, Masato notes, “But for local people like us, the perception of the Shibuya area is expanding to several directions, and each district has its own characteristics.”

MUSTARD has confidently answered a long apparent need in the Tokyo hospitality market.

Sekiguchi is fixated on the idea of “making more community”, which is central to both MUSTARD and TGP’s business practices. He is acutely aware and respectful of Japan’s cultural history and nuances, while knowing the future lies beyond its recognition. TGP remains focused on the re-utilization and engineering of existing spaces to create “good towns”, and, therefore, “good cities”.

“Community design from a cup of coffee,” he says, with a warm smile.

But, he is being earnest — the coffee at Megan is exceptional, along with its voucher-friendly daytime menus featuring breakfast staples, house made pastries and playful takes on classics such as Katsusando and even Vietnamese Phở. 



A right turn and a few hundred feet out of MUSTARD’s lobby will bring you to the aforementioned Triangle Curry, where they have masterfully de-and reconstructed Japan’s much-loved tradition.



Chef Kiyonari Arai employs his French technique cooking pedigree and local curry shop experience to create a refreshing, vegetable-based sauce that works harmoniously with its crunchy pork cutlets, beef or Keema style entrees.

This formula largely diminishes the typical post-meal “curry coma”, which may steer you toward another glass of expertly selected natural wine or beer from Triangle’s list.



The LOG ROAD complex, Garden House Crafts and OPEN FISH, which are owned and operated by TGP, are also well within walking distance of MUSTARD, providing even more superb options and launch pads into outer Shibuya and Daikanyama.

Hotel guests will find impromptu days of exploring the adjoining areas of Ebisu and Nakameguro simple, effortless and rewarding with Japan-made goods, vintage bookstores and streetwear boutiques all at their doorstep.



MUSTARD has confidently answered a long apparent need in the Tokyo hospitality market — elevate essential needs with more contemporary requirements without demanding excess in price. It is a hotel concept that is bold as much as it is subtle and unassuming, which we suspect is precisely the point.



SHIBUYA BRIDGE B, 1-29-3 Higashi, Shibuya Tokyo Japan
+81 (0)3 6459-2842

Nightly rates average 3,784 JPY for dormitory-style accommodations and 19,460 JPY for private accommodations.

Lowest rates available by booking directly through mustardhotel.com/shibuya